Bethany Baptist Church
Saturday, May 28, 2016
Worshiping, Witnessing, Working...Together

When You Arrive...

One of our greeters will welcome you. Our greeters are ready to answer your questions, and are available to show you where the nursery, child care room, and restrooms are.


Join us for worship each Lord's Day!
Our worship style is mostly traditional. Our pastor’s emphasis is on clear preaching from the Bible, and the main feature of our Sunday morning service is the sermon. Sunday morning services typically last about an hour and a half, and Sunday evening services are about an hour long.
We mainly sing traditional hymns, with a few praise songs mixed in. Our singing is accompanied by a piano and sometimes supplemented with a few other instruments. Special music ranges from traditional gospel to contemporary Christian, depending upon the preferences of the musicians.


In our services people wear a variety of clothing styles, ranging from casual jeans and t-shirts to nice dresses and suits. Most are dressed somewhere in between. We suggest that you dress in a manner that’s comfortable to you.